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Our team includes some of the few trained specialists who offer this service in our region. High-pressure water jetting is the newest state-of-the-art solution for cleaning water and sewer pipe systems. It’s a faster, more efficient and effective solution than traditional pipe cleaning methods. Our equipment is mobile, so we can quickly respond to your emergency service needs.

Quick and effective pipe cleaning services

Sewer pipe cleaning with hydro-jetting can remove all the common causes of clogged sewer lines, including:


  • Paper products - Many homeowners carelessly wash paper products (other than toilet paper) down toilets and drains.

High-pressure water jetting services

  • It can easily navigate through complex pipe bends to clear out any blockages.

Benefits of high-pressure water jetting

  • Tree roots - When a sewer pipe has a small crack or pinhole leak, tree roots are naturally drawn to the water and moisture that escape into the surrounding soil.

This includes cardboards, notebooks or printer papers, paper towels, facial tissues, and feminine products. While a toilet paper is designed to break down easily when exposed to water, many other paper products, like tissues and paper towels, are designed in the opposite way, so they’ll hold water without breaking apart. These materials are routinely found in household drain pipes, but they can also build up inside the sewer main line drains.

  • Tree roots often grow into sewer pipes, clogging them and damaging the walls of the pipes. Professional sewer pipe cleaning can safely break apart and remove even thick, sturdy tree roots prior to pipelining or other sewer repairs to fix the damage caused to the sewer pipe.

  • Sludge and sediment buildup - Sediment, sand, and soil can enter the sewer line through leaks or cracks, obstructing water flow and blocking the pipe. Greasy sludge from solid waste can also lead to a clogged sewer line, requiring hydro-jetting services for effective and thorough cleaning.

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  • It can clean out pipe systems up to 500 feet long and as small as 3 inches in diameter.

  • It can restore pipe capacity to near-original specifications and performance.

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