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When it comes to delivering sewer and drain services, the quality of the equipment and materials is crucial for the final results. To ensure your satisfaction, we work with equipment that allows us to handle any situation in an expert manner. With us, you'll receive a drain cleaning service that'll exceed your expectations. Choose us to hire a reliable team that knows how to meet your demands!

High-quality sewer and drain cleaning equipment

Mechanical snake - The first line of offense in any inspection or

cleaning project.


This will ensure that the pipeline is properly cleaned of all preliminary sewage or sludge before we attempt to inspect the line for cracks, obstructions, or other problems.

Effective drain cleaning tools

Oscar Sewer & Drain Service of Haverstraw, NY is a fully licensed and insured company that can provide you with outstanding sewer and drain cleaning services. We offer 24-hour emergency services, free estimates, and affordable rates. With us, you'll receive customer satisfaction every time.

Reliable sewer and drain cleaning services

Crawler - Mobile camera that checks the condition of the pipeline. It ranges from 8 inches to 48 inches. The camera sends back color video or images. Once we have the images, we can post them to a DVD (or VCR if needed).


Jet - After the line is inspected, we'll go in with the jet to pump water through the line if needed. The jet can push up to 18 gallons per minute into the pipeline at up to 4000 lbs per square inch.

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