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Oscar Sewer & Drain Service is a renowned company that has been providing the residents of Rockland County with reliable drain cleaning services since 2004. We're well known for our dedication and reliability, which is why we're the right choice for you. Whether you need sewer and drain services or want to hire us for maintaining your septic system, we're sure to provide you with outstanding results.

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One of the advantages of using Oscar Sewer & Drain Service is the state-of-the-art equipment that we use to inspect or repair your pipes.


For instance, we have a top-line “crawler”; a mobile camera that checks the condition of your pipeline. It goes from 8 inches up to 48 inches.

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If you're searching for a company that can offer you outstanding drain services in Rockland County, choose us. Oscar Sewer & Drain Service is well known for its reliability, integrity, dedication, and professionalism. With us, you're sure to receive unrivaled sewer and drain services. Fully licensed and insured, we're well equipped to handle any task in a manner that'll exceed your expectations.


When it comes to drain cleaning, our specialists will ensure your satisfaction every time. We also offer sewer cleaning, septic tank maintenance, and many more services. Turn to us - you won't regret it!


As drain cleaning experts, we're dedicated to providing exceptional quality to each customer. We work with a team of qualified and experienced professionals who know how to handle any task in a manner that will impress you. They utilize top-notch equipment and products that allow them to ensure your satisfaction, regardless of the size or nature of the job.


Our expertise is invaluable when it comes to handling difficult and tricky situations, which is why our skills are demanded by many. Choose us when you want to hire a reliable drain service provider and we'll fulfill your demands!


Oscar Sewer & Drain Service of Haverstraw, NY is the company that can take care of any job related to the cleaning and maintenance of your drains. We have been in the business since 2004 and are well prepared to take care of any situation.


With us, you'll enjoy professional services, competitive rates, convenient discounts, and a free estimate. No other company can offer you the quality we deliver and this is why we're the rational choice for you. Get in touch with us to make sure you're hiring a reliable company with experience in the field!


Drain cleaning is usually a fairly simple task, with homeowners handling it on their own using liquid cleaners, plungers, augurs, and other easily available home tools. However, some clogged pipes are more stubborn than others and you might occasionally find that you’re in over your head.


When that happens, you can easily run the risk of flooding your kitchen, basement, or bathroom with standing water. When your toilet or sink is overflowing, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. When other options have been exhausted, you may need to call for professional drain cleaning services to fix the problem quickly and safely, with minimal damage.


If you need emergency drain cleaning services ASAP, call Oscar Sewer & Drain Service at any time.

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The camera can run up to 1000 feet (straight line). It can go 360 degrees around the pipe to inspect all the sides of it. The view that we receive is in color.


We can either record the results on a DVD or a VCR. It's very efficient - one of the bests in today's market.